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Home furniture

New furniture from old rubbish

Do not rush to throw away the old furniture or send in the furnace become unwanted boxes. All this can still be useful. If you wish, you can create new functional furniture from almost nothing. Just look at how unexpected rework options can be. This nightstand of old boxes will still serve faithfully.
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Craftsmen for a note: life hacking for sewing

Each hostess in one way or another faces sewing at home. Whether it is a favorite hobby or a routine duty, life hacking, which will speed up and simplify the process, will come in handy anyway Do not lose the small bobbins with threads will help soft toe struts for a pedicure. Another way is to decompose them into an ice freezer.
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Eleven ways to fertilize home plants

1. Top dressing with sugar: 1 teaspoon of sugar is evenly poured on the surface of the earth before watering. Or dilute 2 teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water. This feeding is carried out once a week. 2. Feeding eggshell. Eggshell is rich in calcium, while calcium neutralizes acidity. Therefore, when applying mineral fertilizers that increase the acidity of the soil, shells are added to neutralize.
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