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If you putty putty + plastic spoon, you get an interesting decor

Each owner in the process of repairing thinks about every detail of the future interior, because it is entertaining and very interesting. If you want to make an accent wall in the living room or bedroom, but do not want to use photo wallpaper or pictures, take a closer look at this original idea. With the help of putty and ordinary plastic spoon, you can create a brilliant and beautiful decor - a bamboo wall!
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4 ways to return the thing to the original appearance

Ever got a jacket from the washing machine that looked like a child's cap, and not an adult thing? Most likely, this happened to everyone at least once. Many do not know what to do with shrunken things, and in fact it is quite simple to return their original appearance. According to textile expert, Deborah Young, some types of fabrics, such as cotton, wool, or other wool-based options, have a greater likelihood of shrinkage.
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