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Great idea how to reuse old toothbrushes

Periodically, toothbrushes should be changed to new ones, and old ones, as usual, are sent to the trash. However, do not rush to do so: you may like one idea of ​​re-using them. From unnecessary toothbrushes you can make a wonderful, weightless and very beautiful towel rack in the bathroom!
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Elegant summer looks that deserve your attention

The heat and the sun - an excellent reason to buy a new light dress. Choose yourself: ultra open mini, or long-sleeved maxi. The main thing - light flowing fabric, not constraining movements. This season the dress should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable! Romantic style with ruffles and lace for the most beautiful evenings.
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15 good ideas for the windowsill in the kitchen in a small apartment

Small-sized apartments, unfortunately, cannot boast of a large kitchen area. As a rule, she is given quite a bit of space, despite the fact that the family spends most of the time in the kitchen. In such a situation, you have to invent alternative methods, how to fit everything you need, and not to lose the precious area of ​​a small kitchen.
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Miniature Universes in stunning decorations

The talented master Natalie Artemenko from Ukraine (Vytvir) creates incredible jewelry that encloses miniature universes. Tiny flowers in rings, trees in pendants and much more - this is the real pride of the master. Indeed, it is possible to consider magnificent ornaments made of resin, wood, metal indefinitely - they are so unusual, fascinating and professional.
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