Design and Architecture

19 original ideas for the house, which will bring a zest to the interior


If you have a little free time and desire to create, then why not start with ennobling your own home. And we will help you with this. We present you original ideas for the house that will change your life and bring flavor to the interior!

1. Unusual table for a bathroom or a study

2. A little table from a reel of cable

3. Low wooden table for the living room

4. Lampshade from colander

5. Stand for wine and glasses

6. Tin lamps

You can make cute cans flashlights. First, pour some water into the jars and hold it in the freezer for several hours, making it easier to make holes. Holes can be made in any order - show imagination. Put a candle inside the can and enjoy the creative and cute lantern.

7. Children's corner

8. Additional shelves for storage under the stairs

9. Unusual stand of several boards

10. Creative library

11. Glass shelf

A shelf for glasses of old rakes is a great way to decorate a house in a rustic style.

12. Bicycle mower

13. Folding table, which does not take up much space.

14. Stylish decor element

15. Vintage lamp from an old kettle

16. How do you like such a shop?

17. Cabinets and shelves from window shutters

18. And the creator of this creation is clearly an engineer.

19. Device for cleaning shoes