For the House and Cottages

Useful tricks that every summer resident needs to know


Each summer season turns into a real battle for the harvest. Instead of resting in the shade, gardeners from morning till evening struggle with weeds and pests. Fortunately, there are several recommendations that will facilitate the work of the gardener and allow you to get the most out of your holiday cottage.

The secret of the most well-groomed flower beds

Bright flowers with lush buds - the dream of many gardeners. If the result of your planting leaves much to be desired, use banana peel as a fertilizer. You can freeze it all year, and then chop or add to the compost. Your neighbors will envy your magnificent roses!

So that nothing is lost

To increase the yield of individual plants, they should be planted next to each other. In order not to be mistaken during the weeding of young shoots, leave markers on the beds or even specific rows.

Device for the formation of holes in the soil

This perfectionist all the beds are aligned to the centimeter. It is not necessary to take a ruler with you to the landing. Make a special fixture of wine corks or a tray of eggs. Loosen the earth and push the form onto it. The beds will be perfect!

Decorative planting in old stumps

An old sick tree can be turned from a problem into a plot advantage. Do not waste time and effort to uproot the stump. Remove only the core by filling the cavity with fertile soil. Plant in such an improvised flower bed and bright flowers next to it.

Make a knit bracelet for gardening

Modern gardeners have a problem that the older generation did not have to face. You need to constantly think about not losing your mobile phone. A comfortable accessory from an old sock can be put on your hand. Now you can always be in touch, listen to music or audiobook during garden work.

The neighborhood of flowers next to the vegetables

First, these beds look very original. Secondly, the sharp aroma of some flowers and spices will scare away pests from vegetables. Wormwood, garlic, mint and calendula showed themselves well. Nasturtium flowers and at all will force insects to stay away from your garden.

Fertilize ground coffee

Sleeping thick will be an excellent fertilizer. The main rule is to dry the storage grounds, otherwise there will be harmful mold in it.

Grow seedlings in plastic bottles

You can significantly increase the landing area by cutting the bottle lengthwise and laying it on its side. So in one bottle fit more plants.

Tame predatory insects

Attract ladybirds, bumblebees and bees to the site, spilling sugar plants around plants that need protection. Fascinated by the smell of food, predators end and with a significant part of the pests.

Build a hanger for garden gloves

A city dweller, who comes to his beloved summer house in the intervals between office work, is forced to closely monitor the state of his manicure. Therefore, no gloves can not do. To last served longer and not lost, arrange for them a hanger with a few clothespins. You will no longer hang gloves on the hook, and they will not tear.

Make waste collection containers from old tires.

Place several tires on top of each other, tucking large packages into them. Each of the designs painted in its own color, so as not to confuse the garbage when it is sorted. Now your cottage will be adapted for separate collection of different types of waste.

Sharpen gardening tools when storing

Fill the box with coarse sand or small pebbles. The blades will be sharp, clean and not affected by rust.

The most delicious tomatoes

If you want to grow juicy and sweet fruits, use a little baking soda as a fertilizer. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

Protect the plot from wasps

If insects decide to build a nest near your house, you will have to take extreme measures. Make a trap out of a plastic bottle filled with syrup. Some insects will remain inside, while others will have to find shelter away from your site.