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9 unusual uses of rice


Rice is a great croup, from which you get a universal side dish. However, it can also be used outside the kitchen. Here are nine options.

Save a wet phone

Perhaps the most common use of rice outside the kitchen is drying a telephone that has fallen into the water.

If the smartphone is in the bucket, turn it off, if it does not turn off by itself, dry it with a hairdryer. If the back cover is easily removed, remove it and dry the insides. Remove the battery and SIM card.

After that, place in a zip-filled bag filled with rice, and leave it for a day at least.

Keep warm with rice

A great option if you stretched something or yesterday was a hard workout, and for those who sit at the computer all day is a real salvation. Turn rice into a real hot-water bottle.

Fill a sock or pouch made of cloth with rice. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and attach to the desired place.

Protect tools from rust

This is especially true with high humidity at home. The tools in this case are often rust covered, which is not an easy task to remove.

Fill the jar with rice and insert the tools into it with the iron side down.

Check frying oil temperature

When you are going to fry something, it is very important to bring the oil to the desired temperature. Otherwise, you will extinguish, not fry.

Add a couple of rice in oil. If they just drowned, then the oil is slightly warm. If they float up and begin to bubble, its temperature is about 175-180 degrees Celsius.

Clean coffee grinder

Cleaning a coffee grinder is one of the most awkward activities. However, rice will help ease the process.

Put dry rice inside the grinder, grind it into fine powder. Pour out it and remove small residues with a brush.

Cleaning hard to reach places

Rice can perfectly replace the bottle brush or a cotton swab for the spout of the kettle. Add some rice to a container that requires cleaning, add some dishwashing liquid, pour a little hot water and shake well.

Baking assistance

If you need to make a sweet cream pie, then the dough base must be baked in advance. Put the dough in the form, cover with parchment on top and fill the inside of the cake with rice. This will help the base retain its original form. Rice can be used several times.

Stands for knives

This is a great option for moving. If the stand lies somewhere in the depths of the far box, fill any jar with rice and place the knives with the blade down.

Air freshener

A great option for kitchen cabinets and bathroom. With smells in a large room, rice can no longer cope.

Fill a small glass container with rice, add 10-20 drops of essential oils and mix well. Place in the right place so that children or animals cannot contact the container.