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Cucumbers in bottles - convenient and profitable! new way


How to plant and grow cucumbers, heard all gardeners. However, there are always those who approach the process creatively. The reasons are different: I want fresh vegetables, but there is no dacha, or the climate is not very conducive to cultivation, etc.

So a new way appeared - planting cucumbers in plastic bottles, which turned out to be convenient and effective for many vegetable growers.

Plastic bottles have already been adapted for different needs. Widespread method of growing seedlings in them. Such packaging is convenient, lightweight and almost free.
Planting cucumbers in plastic bottles allows you to grow vegetables on the balcony in the apartment. Successful experiments on the cultivation of vegetables on the balcony are already known, but earlier boxes or buckets were used for them. This container does not look very presentable and requires a lot of space for placement. A plastic one is more compact, it lets the sun rays through perfectly, the plants feel very comfortable in it.
Produced bottled seedlings can be planted in the country and in the open ground, and in the greenhouse. And put the plants there with a bottle.
If you have an open ground - it turns out a mini-snack that will promote faster growth of cucumbers, which will allow them to ripen even during the period of not too long summer. Or, in the case of planting early varieties, enjoy a crispy vegetable as early as June.

The plastic rim of the bottle will help:

  • protect the plant from the bear, in the fight against which summer residents often lose;
  • save water when watering. In this case, water flows directly to the roots, without spreading over the surface;
  • to save the seedlings from weeds, they will not interfere with the normal growth of cucumbers and the development of their root system, and they will not “take” the minerals useful for development from the vegetable.

In the case of greenhouse planting, you change the planting ground annually, excluding the formation of pathogens in it, so the plants will be healthy and strong, which is the basis for obtaining an excellent harvest.
Preparing a landing site

The recipe for preparing the soil for planting can be developed on the basis of personal experience. Its main condition is porosity and friability, so that it has a good ability to pass air. If you are a novice gardener, you can use ready-made soil, which is sold in a store and is intended for growing seedlings or vegetables.

The most common recipe for self-cooking consists of 4 components, taken in equal parts:

  1. ordinary soil that can be dug in the garden;
  2. rotten leaves from any tree except oak and willow;
  3. peat;
  4. drainage mixture. Under it you can adjust the husk from sunflower, egg shells or sphagnum moss.

Do not interfere in the ground birch ash. Be sure to sprinkle it, if there is such an opportunity, then a rich harvest is guaranteed.
Always try to prepare high-quality soil, then the cultivation of cucumbers in bottles will pass without complications, the seedlings will develop healthy, and the harvest will be on time.

Bottle use options

The next step is to do the preparation of plastic containers. Bottles are suitable for this with a capacity of 5 or 2 liters. In the five-liter plants will feel more comfortable. You can plant several seeds or seedlings in such a bottle, whereas in a 2-liter bottle, not more than one.
Preparing bottles is easy - just trim the top (1/3). You will have a plastic pot and a lid for it. In the bottom you need to organize the holes to ensure the outflow of excess moisture, if you accidentally overdo it with watering.

The resulting containers are filled with prepared soil, shake a little. Make sure the soil border is several centimeters below the cut edge. Now you can plant sprouted seeds or previously prepared seedlings in a few pieces in each bottle. When planting in five-liter containers the maximum number of plants - 5 pieces.
The resulting pots with cucumbers can be placed on the balcony in the place prepared for this or transported to the dacha for digging into the soil. The container is buried in the ground for approximately 2/3, and it is necessary to cover it with the covers that remain from trimming in order to create seedling greenhouse conditions for growth and protect it from low temperatures at night. When the cucumbers are strong, cover is removed.

For landing in the ground is recommended to make more holes in the bottle or even remove the bottom, leaving only the side rim.
Plastic bottles are good even for the production of seedlings. To do this, the container is not cut across, but along, removing one wall of the bottle. Fill the tank with soil and seed germinated seeds. By the way, this method of breeding seedlings is effective for any crops. In such plastic plantations it is convenient to grow greenery on the balcony - it will always be at hand and fresh.
Originally you can apply the bottle by cutting it in half. For this it is better to take a 2-liter. In the "funnel" - part of the bottle with a lid - sprinkle the soil and put the germinated seeds there, and pour water into the "glass" and set the funnel there. The level of poured water should reach the neck; cork, of course, removed. You get an individual automatic watering system for each pot you make yourself. It is comfortable, nice and compact.

Cucumber care

Cucumbers are delicate plants, they love heat, but direct sunlight is poorly tolerated, therefore, if vegetable cultivation takes place on a balcony, it is worthwhile to provide a comfortable place for it to grow.
Caring for cucumbers planted in a bottle is almost identical to the usual.
Water the plants only with water heated to room temperature. After 2 weeks after emergence, the plants begin to feed using a weak solution of fertilizers. It is recommended to start with 15 g of potash and 5 g of ammonium nitrate, 30 g of superphosphate, 5 magnesium sulphate, diluted in a bucket of water. Gently water the seedlings, trying not to hurt the leaves. After 10 days, you can feed manure, which is diluted with water in proportions of 1:20.
When growing in a greenhouse or on a balcony, you need to take care of the formation of cucumber whips. The operation is done when a real 3rd sheet appears. It is carefully cut, trying not to damage the stem. After 5 days from the axillary bud of the second leaf, the lateral lash will begin to develop. The second pinching is done later on the 5th or 6th sheet, the third - after another 2 new sheets.
Try to keep the plants away from the draft to avoid powdery mildew.

Watch for leaf color. If yellow spots begin to appear on them - this may be an indicator of the disease of spider mites. Treat the plant immediately, otherwise the leaves will dry out. To this end, you can use cooked infusions of garlic (5 crushed cloves pour boiling water and insist about 6 hours) or onion peel (a jar of 0.5 liters of peel is poured with hot water, drawn and diluted 1: 2). Infusions filter and spray them with the underside of the leaves of the cucumber, where the pest is located.
Timely activities and vegetable care guarantee you a great harvest.