100 + ideas of knitted costume jewelry, which will decorate any girl


People decorated their clothes and supplemented them with various accessories at the dawn of civilization. Bracelets, tiaras and brooches are found in the most ancient sites. Each piece of jewelry was designed to tell something about its owner, indicate its status, or indicate its tribal affiliation. And today, people express information about themselves through clothing and accessories. A real craftswoman can do this by tying a bracelet, necklace, and earrings on knitting or crocheting.

You can use knitting elements that are traditionally used in clothes or use specific techniques.

Traditional elements of flowers

People have always decorated themselves with flowers. And if it is enough for the residents of warm countries to find a beautiful bud for this, they will have to try in the middle lane. But such a bouquet will remain for a long time.

Use original shapes that combine elements of a necklace or scarf. Such decorations successfully complement the winter and spring images.

Gather a few knitted flowers together, creating soft beads or necklaces. For the latter, add a ribbon or chain.

You can extend the decoration by tying a chain of air loops or a couple of rows of columns without a single crochet.

You can combine knitted parts with beads, such voluminous decorations will not be ignored. Combine them with simple clothes, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

Any traditional pattern can be decorated as an ornament, complementing it with a clasp and completing from decorative threads.

Small flowers look more elegant. Complete the decoration with natural stones, beads and beads.

The simplest flowers, complemented with earrings, will be original earrings. If the piece is designed for the summer season, use the finest yarn.

Elongated beads are a great way to give a silhouette a more slim body. They create vertical lines, visually pulling the figure. Elements of such jewelry is better to do not very massive.

Use volumetric flowers as brooches or jewelry pins.

Knitting on the frame

If you need a clear structure, use metal and plastic rings as a base. You can tie up other shapes: triangles, squares, frame wire.

Tying the base, you can proceed to the preparation of the final composition.

You can lay out the decoration in the technique of friform, using thin wire as the base.

Turn the collar into a necklace

Lace knit, which is traditionally used for the manufacture of collars and cuffs, finds its application in the creation of jewelry. Complement such decoration with ribbon, beads and bright gems.

Use traditional elements and in unusual combinations.

Knitted ornaments are well combined with textile colors.

Use yarn as a frame for other materials.

Traditional ribbons or chains can be replaced by knitted parts.

Fix the shape of the product

If you want the decoration to keep its shape, fix it with varnish or narchummalte.

Knit soft wire

Fine things with knitting and crocheting can be created not only from yarn. Soft wire is easy to use and allows you to do filigree things.

Imagine and use any technique

Any needlewoman has her own tricks and secrets in the arsenal. Do not be afraid to apply unexpected solutions and create things in unusual techniques for jewelry. You can even make jewelry from ready-made knitwear.