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The second life of old and unnecessary things: brilliant life hacking


Empty cans, plastic packaging, bored clothes, bottles — all this seems useless to us, and therefore ruthlessly goes to the trash can. And what if these are excellent working materials for creating new, beautiful and functional things? We offer you some original ideas for turning garbage into unique and useful items.

A detailed description of the master classes can be found in the attached video tutorial.

  1. Holder for your mobile phone

Are you constantly hampered by the charging wire? Next to the outlet there is no table and you have to put the phone directly on the floor? You will save the usual bottle of shampoo!

  1. Souvenir "Bear"

You will like this idea with its versatility. Firstly, this is the original way to present a towel: fold it in the form of a charming bear and your present will surely cause delight. Secondly, it is a great way to turn an old unnecessary terry towel into a pleasant, safe toy or decorative element of the interior.

  1. Clothes decor

How to make a boring white jersey stylish and bold? "Blow up" bright color! Kohler and your fantasy will help you with this.



  1. Table top decor

CDs have copied, but sorry to throw them? Do not need! They are perfect for decorating the countertops in the style of mosaic.

  1. Universal holder

Tennis ball can be easily turned into a cute holder for different things.

  1. Elegant and functional glasses

A little creativity and cans become convenient holders and organizers.

  1. Secrets of plastic bottles

An excellent idea would be to make a dispenser for bulk or liquid products, a mug or even a flower pot with a root watering system.

  1. Couch

From the old sweater you can easily make a bed for your beloved pet.

  1. Tool organizer

Leaky jeans will be a convenient apron for storing various tools

  1. Silica gel - the nail of today's program!

Yes, it is the silica gel that the caring people put into the shoe boxes.

Leaving from the sea and do not know how to carry a wet swimsuit? Silica gel will save you! Eliminating unpleasant odor in food containers or sports bags, prevent fogging of optics and the appearance of rust on shaving razors, keep your photos and cutlery - all this and more can be done by silica gel.

Learn all the details of how to implement these great ideas: