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Interesting dishes storage options: 65 photo ideas


Posted by: Irina Christmas Decor

Regardless of the large or small size of the kitchen, often the owner of the question arises: where to store all the utensils and household utensils? After all, a kitchen is an infinite number of objects: cereals, knives, cutlery, dishes, seasonings, vegetables - and among all these things you need to put things in order, so that they are always at hand.

While I was picking up information, which I did not find, but since the subject was different, I didn’t combine it with one post.

So, now will bemany photos compact storage of food, dishes, things and other things. Photos taken from the Internet and do not have a single source, I processed them for easier viewing).

You will see in this publication:

  1. Drawer drawer systems.
  2. Suspended modules holders.
  3. Sliding designs of kitchen cabinets.
  4. Shelving
  5. And much more to store dishes and other kitchen trifles

Get ready to sigh and dream, although I tried to take into account our kitchen dimensions.

Storage plates and not only!

All of us, of course, to the cabinet above the sink, with an already built-in drying rack for plates and cups. Yes - it is convenient. But for those plates that we use every day, there are still “festive dishes” that can be hidden in the drawers - and even provide for special compartments inside the drawers, or limiters (so that the dishes do not knock on each other with a sharp opening) .

In the photo below you can see an interesting design solution - for the LIMITER for the dishes.  The bottom of such a drawer is dotted with rows of holes-holes + wooden rounded sticks with a short pin on the end are attached to the drawer (to fit into these holes). Putting the dishes and in the right places we stick in our chopsticks - very well thought out.

And here is another interesting solution for storing plates - an open rack, or shelves, but here I am confused by the thought of dust and not only about it, experienced housewives know about a thin greasy film that can be formed during such storage.

Open shelves with bright dishes will cheer up all day 🙂

Use the maximum corner cabinets!

If you have a corner kitchen, then you probably already realized that the space in the corner itself is quite difficult to use. Special retractable racks and corner boxes of special design will help to solve this problem.

But this is a real problem ... personally, I’m sure, namely, the storage of pots, because there are always so many of them that theydon't get anywhere (and buy a little, they are not always enough). I found some storage pot ideas.

Retractable platform - very convenient - pushed, grabbed what you need and pushed. It is also good because you yourself (when designing kitchen furniture) can foresee the height of such a platform - with the aim of keeping it level with the height of the pans, so that the extra space at the top does not disappear without work.

And also let's not forget about the pans 🙂

So cute when they hang on the wall, but for the kitchen with a modern design is not always appropriate. And then the design idea proposes to hide them, for example, in the corner cabinet ... with built-in holders for pans - hung up and well, there is still a place for saucepans at the bottom.

Covers ... why not? I have not got yet.

How and where to store glasses? Either they stand on a shelf or we make hanging glass holders, which we fasten under kitchen cabinets. You can buy them in the store - or you can make the construction of stuffed rails by yourself - as we see in the photo below (ordinary slats on the screws) or we buy a shelf of a more complex structure.

We hang narrow shelves

Narrow shelves are ideal for storing spices and oil bottles. To keep items on the shelves from creating visual noise and confusion, use the same vessels, one of the best options is glass jars and bottles of the same size. I do not use this solution - I like to hide everything from my eyes 🙂

Do not forget to add internal elements.

Additional space in the cabinets will help add hanging baskets, tumble dryers and other functional stuff that can be found in the kitchen utensils shop. I use such hanging shelves in the kitchen and in the dressing room! I highly recommend to pay attention to them. Attached to the shelf and ...

Or this option - add additional shelves and racks inside the cabinets.

To make the frying pans and pots not on top of each other, and you didn’t have to go through them all the time to get the lowest one, use special stands or equip cabinets with additional shelves.

We use the maximum cabinet space.Hooks and fastenings on the doors of cabinets, containers and mini-rods ... all this can help in storage. Pay attention to the storage on these photos, I personally noted the suspension of sprayers for myself), and I have been using baskets for a long time - I am satisfied!

And the dream of every hostess is such dressing rooms for storing all the saucepans, molds, ladles, and ... I'm sure you understand me.

And so too ... just comfortable and beautiful 🙂

I almost forgot! Add rails!

The functionality of the kitchen can be easily extended with the help of rails. A lot of different modules, hooks, special spice jars and more are being produced for them ... I bought myself such ones, but haven’t installed them yet 🙂

That's all ... it is difficult to stay, since so much of everything can still be left!

I hope you find it interesting and the information turned out to be useful 🙂 I would be glad if someone already uses some of the ideas presented